Donnerstag, 14.11.24 / 11:15-12:45 / HÖRSAAL B (EG)
Wissenschaft & Gesellschaft
Global Solutions for Global Challenges: The Potential of an Internationalized Teacher Education
Evelyn Rothkranz (Universität zu Köln, Deutschland), Beatrix Busse (Universität zu Köln, Deutschland), Curie Lee (Universität zu Köln, Deutschland), Jan Springob (Universität zu Köln, Deutschland)
Internationalization, Teacher Education, Future Orientation, Future Skills, Framework Conditions
The internationalization of universities plays a role in the education and training of learners as global citizens, who in turn have great potential to react, respond, and anticipate global challenges. This presentation outlines the contributions of universities towards socially relevant tasks such as educational equity, specialist training, and transfer through the lens of teacher education. The goal of this presentation is to connect the internationalization of teacher education with a larger strategy of tackling shared global challenges, supporting participants in dealing with aspects of (trans)locality/regionality and transnationality of teacher education, gaining insight into the internationalization processes with the help of best practices at the University of Cologne, e.g. its Erasmus+ Teacher Academy teff. Participants will be able to reflect on the unique role of internationalization in universities and identify the potential and challenges of internationalization in higher (teacher) education.